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Creative Summer 2024 reference

Hello! Thank you for supporting one of our applicants to our Creative Summer arts program. We offer jobs to a diverse range of artists, teachers, educators, and young people who are responsible for the creative activities as well as the care and guidance of each child.
We prioritise the safety and well being of everyone in our community and would like to get to know our applicants a bit better before welcoming them to our team.
We believe that young people should have access to education, training, and fulfilling employment. This work experience is designed as a learning program where all employees will develop competencies through our training modules, collaborative approach, on-the-job experiences, and personal reflections.
Working with children is not for everyone and there are certain challenges built into a summer camp job. Overall we aim to create a nurturing and fun environment. We do this through our fresh ideas on: community, cultures, mindsets, diversity, real skills, creative thinking, and global awareness.
Your reference will be read over carefully and will help ensure a safe and successful summer. We are curious to hear about your perspective on the general character and potential of the applicant. But most importantly we want you to evaluate the suitability for their working with children.
We will collect some personal information so we can be in touch with you and follow up. You will have our privacy policy and your submission will be recorded as your consent to collect this information.
Ready to begin? This will only take a few minutes.